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Are you thinking about getting a divorce or in the middle of one? Have you been left to care for children  or an elderly family member and need legal authority to do so? Have you found the perfect addition to your family and need adoption assistance? Whether you find yourself in one of these familiar scenarios or your own personal situation regarding children and family issues, at Stanley Law Firm we have the experience and the tenacity to help you navigate through the courts.  What seems like a pretty straight forward situation can become very confusing, very quickly, when someone goes to court and tries to handle it on their own. Don't sell yourself short. Call us for a free consultation.
At Stanley Law Firm, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are available Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and by appointment on some evenings to take the time to listen to you about your issues.

We provide a variety of services including:
Does the Tribal Court have jurisdiction over you if you are not Indian? Have you been served with legal process from a Tribal Court and you aren't sure which laws will apply? Do you need assistance dealing with the Business Committee and its members with reference to ordinances and resolutions? Has an Indian family member passed and you are now faced with handling an Indian Probate action? These are all common questions but it takes an uncommon lawyer to help you in these types of situations. At Stanley Law Firm, we have the necessary experience to handle these types of cases, including being admitted to several Tribal and Federal Courts where questions like these properly belong. Use the free consultation available to you to see what your rights may be. 
Sooner or later, you will enter into a contract; whether it is a matter of daily business or whether you are buying new insurance for your home. Maybe you are thinking about buying a car, or maybe you are selling one. Whether you own the company and just need someone to check with BEFORE you take a big step and unknowingly cause a legal problem, or whether you feel you aren't getting the services or products you contracted to receive, at Stanley Law Firm, we have years of business experience  in various industries to compliment our legal background. This is just one of the qualities that makes our law firm different from others and better suited to address your special situation. 
Real Estate, Foreclosure, Modifications
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​Have you fallen behind on your payments? Have you lost your job and are having a hard time making all of your mortgage payments? Has your loan servicer been calling you night and day asking you how you are going to get out of this mess? Have you been served with a foreclosure action? This is one area of the law which has undergone MANY changes in the recent past. Don't end up losing your house because you are misinformed and don't know what objections to raise to protect yourself and your property. Use the free consultation to find out what your rights are! 
Personal Injury
​Have you been injured in an accident that wasn't your fault? Did the other guy total your car, cause you to incur medical expenses and now refuses to pay? Is he or she telling you they don't have insurance so you're stuck? IT HAPPENS! Or, were you involved in an accident and a couple of days later the other guy who had almost no damage and seemed just fine now wants to sue you for a lot more than what you think actually came out of the incident? Getting an attorney experienced with personal injury cases can mean the difference between getting help and getting nothing. Call our experienced staff at Stanley Law Firm and use the free consultation to get informed!